Burton Women's Citizen Snowboard Bindings 2018 / 2019

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The Citizen's near perfect blend of easy-going versatile performance and all day riding comfort, make it the ideal choice for anyone looking for a playful binding that will help them develop their riding skills. Utilising a soft and playful polycarbonate baseplate, the Citizen lets you concentrate on riding while the binding takes all the stress and strain.

Re:Flex Technology

Re:Flex offers more flex, feel and Cushioning than traditional disc bindings in a package that universally compatible with all current mounting systems (4x4, 3-D and the channel). The minimised cored baseplate with Living Hinge disc not only reduces the weight and footprint of the binding but also bends freely for a more natural feel that unlocks the board's true flex.

Single Component Baseplate Construction.

One material throughout creates a consistent response and feel for all-terrain domination.

Polycarbonate Baseplate

Buttery and playful for a laid back and playful flex.


Full bed Cushioning offers full underfoot cushioning that maximises comfort while minimising fatigue. Anchored to the baseplate its stealth trap door design makes it easy to access the mounting hardware.


Burton's React stitched strap features 3-D engineered nylon spines for all-day strength and reliability. Utilising the spine as the foundation, the strap is then customised to deliver specific riding characteristics. In the case of the Reactstrap, these are: minimised construction, 3-D Curved Triple Axis Spine, Ultra-responsive wrap conforms to any boot.

Smooth Glide Buckles

Feel how easy buckling in can be with the most reliable buckles in the industry. Available in two versions, single component for easy buckling or the upgraded dual component design which adds a polycarbonate barrel for improved ratchet life. All buckles feature aluminium leavers and steel bases for strength you can trust.

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