Korua Men's Pencil Snowboard 2019 / 2020

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If you’re in the market for one of the new generation of short and wide piste and powder boards, then Korua’s Pencil might just be the board for you. Although it’s a fair bit longer than most boards in this category, that extra bit of length is there for a reason and gives the Pencil a ride that can only be described as a bit special.  Built around a fully directional shape, the Pencil has been explicitly designed to deliver outstanding performance both on and off-piste. Key to its unique design is the long extended nose profile. This floaty nose is where that extra length comes from and helps the Pencil deliver a quite remarkable ride in the pow. Once you pull back from that long nose, you’re once again in that more traditional Korua short and wide territory. With the tight sidecut combined with Korua’s Float Camber profile, the Pencil delivers quite remarkable performance on the piste. Although most people will buy this board as an addition to their quiver, the reality is that it is so much fun to ride it’s hard to see how it won’t become their go-to board for everyday riding.

Rider Style

Intermediate to advanced all-mountain riders who are looking for a high-performance piste and powder charger to add to their quiver.

Shape Overview

It’s the long pointy nose that defines the Pencil's fully directional shape. This unique profile has been specifically designed to add extra float at the front of the board and deliver a super smooth edge to edge transition in even the deepest snow. Once you come back from the nose, the tapered shape with cut out tail helps drop the back end of the board in deep snow as well as working in harmony with the mid-radius sidecut to deliver smooth and progressive turns on the piste.


Korua’s smooth Float Camber curves into a rocker shape in the nose area creating an S-like form. This design gives you the lift you need in deep powder, improving float while maintaining speed throughout the whole turn. It also offers response and stability when going for airs or turning in variable conditions.


Now the key to Korua success is that they’ve kept construction relatively simple. By focusing on shape and geometry, they’ve managed to deliver a unique ride which is enhanced by having a slightly mellower overall feel. Heading up the high-quality construction is the poplar core; this provides the perfect balance of performance, durability and weight. To this, Korua then add Bi-Ax glass structural layers. This more playful glass gives the Pencil its unique rider friendly carving performance and is key to why these boards are so much fun to ride.


The high-performance sintered 2000 grade base delivers the perfect balance of speed and durability. Keep this waxed, and it’s going to fly in all conditions.


  • Directional
  • Extended Float Nose
  • Short Cut Out Tail
  • Float Camber
  • Stiffness 6/10
  • Bi-Ax Glass
  • PoplarLight Core
  • 2000 Sintered Base
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