Oakley Men's Flak Jacket XLJ Prizm Road Sunglasses

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When cycling debri and spray from the road can be flicked up into your face. A pair of good quality sports sunglasses will help to keep the wind, insects, rain, spray and dust out of your eyes.

Prizm lenses filter certain light wavelengths in order to maximize contrast and enhance visibility for the wearer. This visual clarity allows you to identify potholes and other hazards quicker giving you more time to react and remain safe.

Over a day's riding the weather may change from sunny in the morning to overcast in the afternoon. The Prizm lens adapts to whatever the current light conditions are by filtering different wavelengths of light. This means you can leave the spare lenses at home and ride anywhere, anytime with these sunglasses.

  • Plutonite Lens material
  • High Definition Optics (HDO)
  • UV Protection
  • Three-Point Fit
  • O-Matter
  • XLJ Lens Shape
  • Unobtainium grip
  • Light Transmission 20%
  • Light Conditions Changing Conditions
  • Contrast Increased
  • Frame: Polished White
  • Lens: Prizm Road + Persimmon
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