Snowboarder by wooden cabinSnowboarder by wooden cabin

Unagi Electric Scooters

Technology has made it infinitely easier to communicate and far more difficult to connect—with the people, places, and experiences that mean the most to us. Unagi helps bridge that divide by bringing all the things you want be close to, a little bit easier, cheaper, and way more fun to get to. Your office, your lecture hall, that new Ramen place, the friend you’re dying to take to the new Ramen place.


"In contrast to to the beefy Rev, Unagi's Modal One is much lighter, slimmer, and more portable."


"No other scooter compares to teh Unagi in terms of build quality or appearance."


"The....electric scooter you won't want to share with anyone."


"The best all-around electric scooter. It's an excellent blend of looks, performance and ease-of-use."



First, we designed the finest electric scooter on earth.Our mission is freedom. We are hellbent on liberating people from the tyranny of transportation frustrations—the costs, inconveniences, the carbon emissions. So we built the ideal personal liberation device.

Then we figured out how to make it affordable. Our approach is direct-to-consumer, which allows us to put an Unagi scooter in the hands of everyone who could use one. Our financing options make that even easier, meaning you can cruise away in a brand-new Unagi for the prices of a daily oat-milk latte.

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Incredible Handlebar & Speed Control

Integrated in the top bar are the intuitive controls of the dashboard—throttle, brake, horn, and LED headlight. No visible wires. No bulky console. Just a sleek, integrated command center that connects the rider to the ride.

Select your speed—beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The scooter’s processor governs top speed and acceleration and will remember your speed preferences so you don’t have to.



Breakthrough Custom Designed Tires

Flat tires? Please. Our 7.5” wheels are made of solid rubber and puncture proof, so they’ll never foil your morning commute. Our design team broke new ground on these tires.

Notice the air pockets spread throughout the circumference of the wheel. These ingeniously act as a front and rear suspension system, providing the right amount of shock absorption that lets you still feel responsive balance and road feel.

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