Advanced Repairs

The Snowboard Asylum have workshops throughout the country, with 4 centres of excellence, located at Milton Keynes, Castleford, Braehead and a central workshop in Manchester.

Each workshop is kitted out with state of the art machinery to deal with any servicing job. ‘Base patches, edge dings, de-lams… You name it, we can fix it. Bring in your snowboard so our expert technicians can see the damage first-hand, and give you an accurate quote and timescale on the repair.'

Base & Edge Damage £30

The existing edge has been bent beyond repair and needs cutting out and replacing with a new section of edge. A new edge requires a base patch to hold it in place.

Snowboard Base DamageSnowboard Base Damage

Edge Ding £20 Each

The ski edge has been bent in from a heavy impact and pushed the ski base up, forming a bubble. We will straighten the edge, return the base to its normal level and then glue and clamp everything back together.

Edge DingEdge Ding

Base Patch £20 Each

If a large piece of the base has been damaged, a patch will be required to cover the damaged area. A new piece a base material is cut out and glued in place before being ground flush with the rest of the snowboard.

A base repairA base repair

De-Lam £15

The edge has come away from the other layers of the snowboard. We will glue and clamp the edge back to the board and ensure it is completely watertight.


Top Sheet Damage £15

The top layer of the ski/snowboard is fragile and can easily get chipped and damaged. We use epoxy resin to make the ski watertight again and stop water damaging the wood core.

Top Sheet DamageTop Sheet Damage

Sidewall Damage £15

A heavy impact to the sidewall of the ski can lead to a loose edge or water damage if not resolved. Our skilled technicians will rebuild your sidewall safeguarding your edges and core.

Ski sidewall damageSki sidewall damage